Let’s Get Shabby – Challenge Three

6 09 2009

This is my entry for the “Let’s Get Shabby” blog and all about COLOUR…. Except it’s ONLY to be dominant in WHITE or/ and CREAM, with a HINT of ONE other colour of your choice.

That was the brief… and here is my take;


This is a close up of the flowery bit… you get the idea.


The photo is of Claire pulling a ‘so excited she could burst’ face.

I went shopping yesterday with the ladies, we had so much fun especially in Pumpkin Patch. Saw Mandy and her Mum in Shop and Crop, hi girls! Man there are some gorgeous papers out at the moment… didn’t spend too much which surprised me.

I’m at war once again with the bindies in my lawn, but other than that my garden is making me so happy at the moment. I will take some pics of it. Just signed another 12 month lease here. Rent went up by $15 a week but at least I don’t have to move and the landlord is happy with us. Hope to get a bit more scrapping done today… Happy Father’s Day (yeah sure) they are a bit thin on the ground around here… the ladies and I have had a day so far of lots of loving cuddles and time together, they don’t seem to be too worried about the situation… they come out with some funny stuff to explain to people where their Dad is… I try never to be negative… just say that he is at his house and will come see them one day. They are too young to face facts yet and that seems to be okay for now as the next shiny thing comes along and they get distracted.

Cheers everyone, try to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather! Take care and thanks for the visit…

Lib x