So how long does it take to hollow out a large pumpkin?

24 10 2009

and then what on God’s green earth gives you the brilliant idea that you should pop your insane self in said pumpkin for a paddle down yon nearby creek?




hmmmmm back soon.


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4 10 2009


Silvia Kristine

Silvia creates fabulous shabby treats and these are some of her candies.

blogcandy minis

Check out the amazing bird on this beautiful box she made,

i can count on you detalj

If you go and comment on her blog you can win a stack of blog candy!

I have been spending today catching up with blogs (Dodo didn’t have any local internet coverage for the past week – poo and double poo!) I did however while away two days scrap shopping in Sydney, Friday with Mum at the Paper Crafts Festival (interesting but not really worth going – I bought the usual new stuff at the usual stores Katja Schneider’s Memories 2 Remember is always a must… got some new ribbons and new paper there – so cute!) spending the day with Mum was really good and Gabu lent us his ‘Garmin’ so we saved heaps of time getting to Canterbury racecourse – definately getting a GPS for my car, they’re brilliant! Then Saturday went back to Penrith with Rona for shopping at Scraploot, Lincraft and last but never least Fred The Needle – seriously the best scrap/fabric/BTP store in Australia Mum’s comment was that Fred’s is like a Paper Crafts Fesitval on it’s own lol (She’s right and Simone is such a beautiful, friendly, helpful chick, all of her staff are brilliant and make you feel like a really valued customer and I’m always so sad to leave – wish I lived closer – I always get the most amazing stuff there!)
Anyway now I’m sitting here once again at the computer while dinner cooks… a hearty Winter barley soup (made with rice instead – but rice soup sounds disgusting lol – this is officially cold scrapping weather and as soon as the ladies are in bed I am making stuff) The footy is on and I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Parramatta lol.

If you have time, check out my favourite inspriation website! Allanah Hill

… and this ‘apparently’ is the No. 1 portrait photographer in the universe lol INSPRIATIONAL!!! His name is Platon I believe…

Have a great Sunday night… you know what the grand final of footy means don’t you??? *sigh* another overload season of damn cricket 😦 ‘Carn the Storm!

37 going on 23…

4 04 2009

I celebrated my 37th birthday on Monday 30th March. Just as a bit of trivia, can you believe these are the famous people I share the day with:

Celine Dion (41)
Norah Jones (30)
Mili Avital (37)
Tracy Chapman (45)
Ian Ziering (45)
Paul Reiser (52)
Robbie Coltrane (59)
Eric Clapton (64)
Warren Beatty (72)

What an interesting bunch?


How appropriate?

and we have lost Pink Doggie! Here is a gorgeous photo (not taken by me) of our Claire and Pink Doggie at the Jinky Art photog course Bungendore last year. Farewell dear friend 😦


Will be back today when I have some new stuff to share.

Lib x

Pretty things…

21 10 2008

Last week my boss and I headed out to Peterson’s Champagne House, about 15 minutes away (Yes that’s where Tamar (Tarisota) visited for her holiday) but I was there for my last component in the Wine Studies course…. oh yes many many hours of study! This was the Sommelier component and we had Michael (No. 2 in NSW – used to sommi at Waterfront restaurant in Sydney) as our teacher. He was brilliant and I learned so much. Geez I hate my job lol! A sommelier (som-elle-ee-er) is a wine/food match expert and is the person who, at better restaurants, develops a wine list which does not contain anything you can find at Woolworths liquor/BWS lol

*** Edited to add… I started this post much earlier and due to the fact that wordpress is such a doll… it saves every little while or so… boo sucks to be a typepad user lol I know heaps of bloggers and typepad girlies who are always whinging about ‘lost’ posts. Well my computer spat the large uploads (not wordpress’ fault) but WordPress had automatically saved my entry. YAY! WORDPRESS! If you are thinking of changing blogs or starting one up…. GO WORDPRESS!! I can now bring you the normally scheduled program lol… I hope you enjoy.

A few of my ‘new’ favourite things.

This is my classy new coffee mug. Makes me so happy!

This is the spunky new… ‘my old one fell apart’ purse. It can also be remembered as the ‘Oh My God Libby, I cannot believe you are coping on your own without copious amounts of money from me, your Mother’ purse. My Mum bought it for me…. and yeah it cost a bomb, but it’s so damask and so me… it has a shiny deep red bit too, you can just see it… delicious!

The Monica Poole bag is finished. Onward to the new Janelle Wind pattern. Thanks to a bit of Busy Needles (the local fabric store) and a kick in the bum/pain in the side from laughing – from Rona… I’m going to try to get to Fred the Needle at Penrith on Friday on the way to Canberra. Wish me luck! oh those Amy Butler, Mr Miller, Heather Bailey etc etc fabrics. I may not be able to afford the petrol to Canberra after that little spree! lol oh well

These two are just happy roses from a great day out at Petersons Champagne House. I love flowers!

Don’t forget Jessica Sprague is holding a fabulous free class. Just head over to her website, register and Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt, you can start playing with the Stories In Hand class. This sort of offer doesn’t happen that often. Run! now GO!

Really excited to be heading off this week on a mini break (Bridget Jones) the girls are as excited as they can be about visiting the nations capital. To them, Canberra is just a place we talk about at the moment. Kindy excursion tomorrow to a ‘big’ school they aren’t going to attend. Oh well the bus trip will be spoken about at length and ad nauseum until the next kindy adventure. Bus trips are apparently ‘huge’!

There are workers taking apart and repairing one of our old wooden town bridges at the moment and every single time we travel over the ‘big’ bridge we have to mention ‘The Donolly Bridge’, ‘The Donolly Bridge’ which you can see from the big bridge. I am very sorry now that I ever mentioned what that huge orange crane was doing and why we can’t go over Claire’s bridge anymore. Not sure why the girls have to ‘own’ each bridge… I think it started ’cause the old wooden bridge near Mum’s is pink and as such became Charlotte’s pink bridge and then we had to find a purple bridge for the Bear…. anyway I’m sure that makes no sense to anyone.

Big hello’s to Megan, Jen, Mel, Rona & Stacey. Thanks for saying G’day and I will get around (hopefully tonight) to emailing you back. Off to pick up the girls now…


Lib xxx

Her Most Noble Lady Libby the Indefatigable of Bismorton Shropcake

15 09 2007
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Noble Lady Libby the Indefatigable of Bismorton Shropcake
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Another web-time waster… another night giggling at stupid things on the internet…

Stolen from Tania Davey (Chillibits)

I happen to love the word Indefatigable… means unable to tire… not fatigued, incase the big word had you stumped.

Lib x

What are you making?

14 07 2007

Do you want to know a secret?
Do you promise not to tell? whoa oh, oh.

Let me whisper in your ear,
Say the words you long to hear,


Libby Lou – The Bush Kangaroo!

7 07 2007

Hello there!
I’ve finally had something named after me… A baby girl kangaroo! I saved a Joey last week on the way home from work, It’s Mummy had been run over and ‘Libby’ was peeking out of the pouch. So 50klm and two excited little girls later (Charlotte nearly poked it’s eyes out patting it ‘goodnight’) I handed ‘Libby Lou the Bush Kangaroo’ over to Wildlife Aid and as she is 7 months old, Libby will be fine. 1 2 3 Ohhhhhhh!

Now! Photo class finished, yay! and here is my end of class masterpiece, I put the camera on a borrowed tripod, set the exposure for…. a bloody long time and got a somewhat imperfect but truely magnificent photo (according to me! lol) So I give you….

Singleton Nightlife!!!


Miss Megan and I started the class to improve our skills, Miss Megan is already a fabulous photographer and we found it hilarious to be standing OUTSIDE a pub in the freezing cold taking pictures of the car headlights as they passed. Im sure the local army lads thought Paris Hilton was going to show up… 5 cameras all pointing at the pub… come on… that’s gotta be something big for Singleton.

So I taught at Scrapkatz on Wednesday night, another crazy class, mad bound mini book inside a ‘trendy tins’ from KI, of all the days Dad needed Mum to bind something for his work. I had to rush home after work and get the binding machine ‘casue Mum had been using it. (Well it is hers I suppose) The class went well, I think. Hiya Miss Rona and Miss Pauline (*waving*) I know you read now, thanks for the comments. Miss Rona remind me to send you the bloglines link! Then the blogs only appear when something is new. [A HUGE TIMESAVER!!!]

Um oh yeah!!! You need to see this chicks blog, heaps of new CHA links and sneaky peeks

Click here

If you scroll down and see the secret keeper cards from Urban Lily, which I am very much loving, and when they are released, IF I DON”T GET ANY!!!! there will be thunderous dark days.

(*Rubbing my hands together* Thanks to the Scraploot sale I ordered $80 worth of Wild Asparagus (My fav) paper and paid a measley $30 for it…. HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!!! I should really stop with the purchases now for a while…. no really I should! {Moving right along… hoping no one is taking notes LOL!}

Been buying more crazy crap on ebay, I’m also going a little crazy for Rachel Greig’s new Stamp-It stamps... I keep some tissues handy at the letter box for my drool LOL! If you happen to notice, you can order retail through the Stamp-It wesite, quite handy really! Also they are peddling ‘cling film’ which is like vinyl stickers, I’m definately going to have to see how that works.

There is a birthday coming up soon… One special gorgeous girl, Miss O might just be having a celebration to mark her 7th birthday!

and these two pumpkin-heads turn 3 on the 28th July! I could live and work a thousand lifetimes and still never begin to pay them back for all the incredible joy they have brought into my life. (Remind me I said this next week LOL… two words; toilet… training LOL)


Just wanted to say Hi to Kirst, take care of yourself in the countdown!

Jody, I’m getting to the tag… eventually!

Donna … I am going to email you… you have two sets of twins… how do you get time to use the net LOL?

Mrs Hall… love the new kit… I expect that’s all you’ll be doing for a while… kitting! LOL!

Karen.. you have me intriged??? What is going on?

Nic Finno… hey, loving the poke-ball (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) and all the fabric stuff going on!

and Hi Jane and Lissy, thanks for the comments about Nana George… funny isnt it? The way life shows you a way…

Anyway that’s probably enough rot from me for tonight… Happy weekend everybody, I, of course will be working, but dont let that stop you from enjoying yourself ROTFL

Lib x