ahhhh punch drunk!

6 04 2009

So this is my fabulous new bag… I saw it and fell a little bit in love. It’s really a nappy bag, however it holds all the great stuff I carry around. I am on holidays for 3 weeks now and so expect some new bags popping up here on the blog. I have patterns in the cupboard screaming to be cut and made into fabulous handbags… material too for that matter lol.


and the reason for this post… my new punches from Jill @ A Million Little Things. I love the new Martha Stewart border punches. So sweet!



… and here’s what the fabulous little gems can do…



I’m off to punch something lol

Lib x


Hey … look! a little Kaisercraft love

4 04 2009

Claire has claimed this as her own jewellry stand… she has been desperate for me to give it to her and she waited (almost) patiently for the glue to dry lol.. it now holds a tacky collection of odd McDonalds happy meal toys and the St Patricks Day badge… all class my darling!


and that’s some of what Ive been doing today…

hope you had a great Saturday

Lib x

37 going on 23…

4 04 2009

I celebrated my 37th birthday on Monday 30th March. Just as a bit of trivia, can you believe these are the famous people I share the day with:

Celine Dion (41)
Norah Jones (30)
Mili Avital (37)
Tracy Chapman (45)
Ian Ziering (45)
Paul Reiser (52)
Robbie Coltrane (59)
Eric Clapton (64)
Warren Beatty (72)

What an interesting bunch?


How appropriate?

and we have lost Pink Doggie! Here is a gorgeous photo (not taken by me) of our Claire and Pink Doggie at the Jinky Art photog course Bungendore last year. Farewell dear friend 😦


Will be back today when I have some new stuff to share.

Lib x