St Patricks Day & Brighton Le Sands

21 03 2009



Just got back from a Local Government Challenge in Sydney this week. We (our Singleton Council team) stayed at the Novotel Brighton Le Sands on

where I’m pretty sure I saw Bob Hawke’s wife, Blanche De whatsit… was much fun…

I ran around before I left arranging some good clean green fun for St Pats day (the ladies are more than half Irish)… here they are in all their green glory, all ready for Kindy.



Have the best weekend everyone! well anyone who still reads here… went shopping today with the girls and Albert lol… poor lady at Spotlight is now an accomplice in my devious scheme to outwit the ladies… they had ‘placed’ about $300 worth of ‘important stuff’ into the trolley!… now they are kinda upset with said lady as she seemed to ‘forget’ to pack it all into our shopping bag…. honestly! its so hard to get good help these days. *snort*

Bye-eeee x


how about we just pretend?

16 03 2009

That I’ve been blogging regularly… I have missed blogging but obviously not enough to actually blog!

I think I am back now and since I have actually been making stuff I would like to share, I will. But not today… the photos are still in the camera *Snort*


Yes I have always wanted to try the American Gothic pose. This is pretty close no?

Til then

Lib xxx