Happy happy joy joy!

18 11 2008

Randomly and for no particular reason… just love my new life. I stayed up late last night cutting and ironing bits of my new handbag.

Really looking forward to Christmas and having some time off.

We went to Singleton and Maitland Markets on Sunday and really had a ball… we all did! The girls behaved beautifully and the Maitland market was as huge as ever. Fantastic stuff!

Here is my little ‘Home for the Holidays’ maya road house. Heard from them and I didn’t get a gong… so I guess I can put these up


Cheers and thanks for the visit..

Lib xxx


yes, we are all busy…. just thought I should let you know

12 11 2008

I didn’t make the Buzz and Bloom DT. Good on the girls who did. I’m a bit jealous lol

I have 4 days off HOORAY!!! Shopping tomorrow morning (bring on Kotara Westfield), Mum’s birthday @ hunter valley gardens tomorrow afternoon (they start their Xmas lights spectacular tomorrow night) Friday – NOTHING!!!!! Sunday the Singleton and Maitland Markets are on. I need these days!!!


Lib x

Something so small… taking up so much time

11 11 2008


chat soon,

bad news for a girlfriend today… I hope it’s one of those, ‘with hindsight it will be for the best’ situations.

Thanks for dropping in.

Lib x

Mucking around with glue ‘n stuff again…

9 11 2008

I bought some MORE fabric on Thursday. (*Eye roll*) Still don’t have the ‘perfect’ fabric for my bag (though I have enough for 3 bags now lol) The ladies have gone to Mum’s while I’m at work this weekend. Jason’s arm op went well and he has his car back, all fixed. My car has also had some major repairs done and two new tyres. Other than that, life is pretty good. Loving getting some scrapping done and Rona has the Buzz and Bloom ‘fruit salad’ and ‘The George’ albums in… YEE TEE HEE! Need to get a few things out of the way before I start on new stuff.

This is a Kaiser frame I have been working on and off for a few weeks. I love it.


Thanks for looking!

Have a great Sunday and don’t forget the free class from Jessica Sprauge, here in Australia we won’t get the first email until Monday, but I’m looking forward to starting that and maybe the Ali Edwards December Daily too.

Happy days xxx


Buzz and Bloom

4 11 2008

Just popped in to share a couple of layouts I sent off to Buzz and Bloom to apply for their dt. I have my fingers crossed because I love the Buzz and Bloom products and my goodness have you seen their new acrylics? That ‘George’ damask has my name all over it lol

The following is taken straight from their website… oh and the ‘fruit salad’, the fruit salad acrylics are so delicious…. how great would they be for all those christmas treats?… oh I can’t wait for them to start showing up in scrap shops so i can get my mitts on some.

Brilliant Acrylic products in fluorescent colours, mirror, jewel-toned transparents, glossy opaques, and comic-book brights! There’s a colour for every project! Head over to our album on the right to see all the products! Be sure to hop over to our main website to see each product in all colours, but for now, go ahead and feast your eyes”

And the linky link…Buzz and Bloom new products – acrylics click here

and their blog should be in your bloglines… a must!!!Buzz and Bloom blog

Anyway here’s Charlotte in her ice-cream trance…

and just a fun wall hanging I have in my scrap room. It has all my favourite papers (at the moment) and just little bits that make me smile. Colourful happy stuff.

Good luck today for the Melbourne Cup, I haven’t even looked at the form. Jason is heading into surgery on his arm about now. Poor bloke. So he might get to watch it through the haze of pain killers, I will get to see the cup hopefully and put on a quick mystery trifecta. I do miss watching the coverage and being at Muswellbrook Races for the day. Oh well, tomorrow my head won’t hurt… so that’s something. Have a great day!

Lib x

Thank goodness for the Remember Me button

3 11 2008

Cos I just got to my blog and couldn’t remember my password… eeek!

but it just directed me anyway lol

Now the ever fabulous Rachel Greig has tagged me ()This post was in drafts so I’ve just added to it lol) so before I start blathering here goes…

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:
1.Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. I think by now everyone has done this so I’m not tagging

So here goes…. weird and random stuff…

1. I talked, dreamt, breathed and lived for horses from the age of 7 to 35. Then, just like that, I quit. Sometimes I wander out to say hello to our mob of 9 whoops 10 but until the girls are old enough to ride proper … I will enjoy the hiatus… I can so see me doing the obsessed Pony Club Mother routine in a few years…. (yelling “HEELS DOWN!!! In my sleep) LOL

2. I’m pretty desperate for a Ducati road bike. They cost about $20,000 and they don’t make them with twin side-cars lol so I will just have to wait until the girls have got their own car/license and I become the funkiest grey nomad you’ve ever seen. It will take me that long to be able to afford one. My company car used to be a motorbike.

3. I think about winning the Lottery every day. I buy lots of tickets (my only gambling) and yes every day I think about what it would be like to win. (maybe this isn’t so random and weird)

4. I hate fruit and meat together… especially apricot chicken… it’s wrong. Pork chops and apple sauce… wrong! I also can’t stand to eat lamb… it leaves a nang nang feeling on the roof of my mouth. Beef and chicken only… seafood in tiny amounts.

5. I am obsessed with cleaning my ears with ear buds, I can’t walk past a cotton bud without sticking it in my ear… even at friends places, all I want to do is auralise their buds.

6. I have two green thumbs. Love plants and trees, can grow anything. Was more devistated about having two of my pot plants stolen than my car stereo. Remember you lot… me going on and on and on about the twisted ficus’ lol.

and finally number

7. I went recently with my mate Rona to a local handbag sewing class with Monica Poole and I made a handbag, using my 20 year old Husqvarna sewing machine. The other ladies did audibly scoff at my trusty brown and orange antique. The handbag is gorgeous and I’m happy with the job husky did. Making some more soon.

Anyway Canberra was fantastic, my best mate Jason came with us and I drove his car (he recently broke his arm). We had a small accident when a freaky tree branch fell out of the sky in front of us and damaged Jase’s car a bit. We are all fine just pissed off at the universe. Since then I have had a flat tyre (couldn’t get the spare out and Rona had to rescue us… thanks Rona) and then burst a radiator hose (Once again Rona saved me, her hubby Graham saved the day and changed the hose for me) so UNIVERSE THAT’S 3 NOW … off you go!

I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely photographers in Bungendore, Jinky Art’s Barb is such a happy sweet lady, the ladies have been offered a free photo shoot in the new year to help along Sally’s portfolio… that was a thrill! The ladies behaved beautifully and I CANNOT!!!! wait for the photos. Seriously I planned the Canberra weekend for ages and I was really apprehensive about how they would cope with 30 women with huge cameras all wanting them to look this way etc… well I needn’t have worried.. the ladies were such professionals and it helped that the workshop participants were all really professional and child photogs so a few girls took a ‘tired’ Charlotte off by herself for a bit and the shots they got were mind blowing… who’d have thought my tomboy was such a model? I took along their whole wardrobe, a bubble making machine, 3 umbrellas etc etc you can imagine.

Anyway just this past Saturday Rona and I headed to Penrith for some fabric and scrap shopping. Whoooo hoooo spent far too much money… hey it’s made round to go ’round lol We went to Fred the Needle, Spotlight and Lincraft, missed the Superstore this time (didn’t need any stickers lol) but then we found a new obsession…. Scraploot. Gorgeous Sue welcomed us into the shop and there were about 10 ladies madly scrapping away, I think the DT were there. But the shop is unreal and we had a ball, like being let loose in the candy store. Honestly check out Scraploot, they have a great online store and the best service in the world!!!

So another work week in front of me, which by the way I’d better get my bum into gear.

Thanks for visiting me… photos next time

Lib x