Pretty things…

21 10 2008

Last week my boss and I headed out to Peterson’s Champagne House, about 15 minutes away (Yes that’s where Tamar (Tarisota) visited for her holiday) but I was there for my last component in the Wine Studies course…. oh yes many many hours of study! This was the Sommelier component and we had Michael (No. 2 in NSW – used to sommi at Waterfront restaurant in Sydney) as our teacher. He was brilliant and I learned so much. Geez I hate my job lol! A sommelier (som-elle-ee-er) is a wine/food match expert and is the person who, at better restaurants, develops a wine list which does not contain anything you can find at Woolworths liquor/BWS lol

*** Edited to add… I started this post much earlier and due to the fact that wordpress is such a doll… it saves every little while or so… boo sucks to be a typepad user lol I know heaps of bloggers and typepad girlies who are always whinging about ‘lost’ posts. Well my computer spat the large uploads (not wordpress’ fault) but WordPress had automatically saved my entry. YAY! WORDPRESS! If you are thinking of changing blogs or starting one up…. GO WORDPRESS!! I can now bring you the normally scheduled program lol… I hope you enjoy.

A few of my ‘new’ favourite things.

This is my classy new coffee mug. Makes me so happy!

This is the spunky new… ‘my old one fell apart’ purse. It can also be remembered as the ‘Oh My God Libby, I cannot believe you are coping on your own without copious amounts of money from me, your Mother’ purse. My Mum bought it for me…. and yeah it cost a bomb, but it’s so damask and so me… it has a shiny deep red bit too, you can just see it… delicious!

The Monica Poole bag is finished. Onward to the new Janelle Wind pattern. Thanks to a bit of Busy Needles (the local fabric store) and a kick in the bum/pain in the side from laughing – from Rona… I’m going to try to get to Fred the Needle at Penrith on Friday on the way to Canberra. Wish me luck! oh those Amy Butler, Mr Miller, Heather Bailey etc etc fabrics. I may not be able to afford the petrol to Canberra after that little spree! lol oh well

These two are just happy roses from a great day out at Petersons Champagne House. I love flowers!

Don’t forget Jessica Sprague is holding a fabulous free class. Just head over to her website, register and Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt, you can start playing with the Stories In Hand class. This sort of offer doesn’t happen that often. Run! now GO!

Really excited to be heading off this week on a mini break (Bridget Jones) the girls are as excited as they can be about visiting the nations capital. To them, Canberra is just a place we talk about at the moment. Kindy excursion tomorrow to a ‘big’ school they aren’t going to attend. Oh well the bus trip will be spoken about at length and ad nauseum until the next kindy adventure. Bus trips are apparently ‘huge’!

There are workers taking apart and repairing one of our old wooden town bridges at the moment and every single time we travel over the ‘big’ bridge we have to mention ‘The Donolly Bridge’, ‘The Donolly Bridge’ which you can see from the big bridge. I am very sorry now that I ever mentioned what that huge orange crane was doing and why we can’t go over Claire’s bridge anymore. Not sure why the girls have to ‘own’ each bridge… I think it started ’cause the old wooden bridge near Mum’s is pink and as such became Charlotte’s pink bridge and then we had to find a purple bridge for the Bear…. anyway I’m sure that makes no sense to anyone.

Big hello’s to Megan, Jen, Mel, Rona & Stacey. Thanks for saying G’day and I will get around (hopefully tonight) to emailing you back. Off to pick up the girls now…


Lib xxx


New bag and a bit of exciting news…

12 10 2008

I bought a couple of handbag patterns over the past year. I made a bag last year (in a Monica Poole class) and use it every day (the black and white spotty one).


I’ve bought a few Monica Poole bag patterns, mainly just because they are stocked locally. Then the other day I found Janelle’s frilly dilly bag online at Honeysuckle Cottage I have been searching for ages for this bag and although the pattern hasn’t arrived yet… hopefully monday… I’m so excited to start looking for material for it, that I dived into the fabric stash and started another quick and easy bag while I wait.

Obviously it needs a handle or two. My 7 billion year old Husky sewing machine has been working a treat and I’m trying to keep her going for a while longer. They certainly made this old girl to last. She used to be Mum’s and I’m greatful that Mum bought a wizz bang jobby a few years ago and the Husky has been given a new home and a fair workout from me.

The really exciting news is that in a couple of weeks the girls and I will be heading to Bungendore (Near Canberra) for a photo shoot workshop with Barb from Jinky Art We are only there as models, when I say we, I mean the ladies, not myself lol. I’m super excited about a road trip with the ladies (the last one was all the way to Dubbo Zoo) and the photos which will result from one of the best child photographers in Australia and the workshop participants. I can’t wait. I am collecting props to take with us and hope that the girls are willing to play along on the day. Who am I kidding of course they will. LARRIKINS!!!

All right pig that’ll do. Thanks for visiting. Leave a comment if you like. I don’t mind if you don’t either.


Lib x

My haven’t you been busy…?

10 10 2008

Well, actually yes I have. The girls and I have moved out of Mum’s house 30km out of town and we are now living in Singleton. OH My God it’s so great! I am back on the ‘net in my own home. I really appreciate all the help Mum gave me to get back on my feet, but now I am back!!!! I am myself again. I can pretty much make my own life again. Well as much as I can around a full time job and single Mum to twins. The girls are great and I feel very blessed to have it so good at the moment. I want to blog a bit more often as I have been able to scrap and sew a bit more now. I’m refreshed, and renewed and I have my own scrap room again. Life is bloody marvellous!

I took the girls to Mattara (Newcastle festival) last weekend. Bought a little bit of stuff at Shop and Crop (lol) and then off to ride on ponies and the carousel. (At $5 a pop thanks very much) Even though it was raining, I had been promising to take the girls to the beach and so we walked over to Nobby’s and went for a paddle. Claire decided it was a much better idea to stay safely on the sand and mind the towels lol and Chuck bowled straight into the surf, got knocked down, jumped up wanted to swim out to one of the ships anchored out at sea. Those two girls are just chalk and cheese.

Anyway I thought I’d start this ‘ol bloggy up again and off we go!

Lib x