Week 3 Challenge SYTYCS! Lianne’s style

20 06 2008

So this week at the So You Think You Can Scrap? challenge over at Scrapbooking by Design was week 3 Liannes turn. This was the brief and so far this is the one Ive struggled with the most.
You must use at least one example of each of the following on your entry…

fabric/ribbon/lace strips
paint used with an object to stamp
strip journalling
labels (bought or found)
mixed alphas
hand stitching
and… something unexpected…something you wouldn’t usually think to put on your page (think outside the square here girls and surprise us!!)

Can’t say any of these elements scared me. It’s just that I don’t gel with bubble wrap painting or pipe cleaners. Nothing wrong with them, I just don’t use them, the same way some people don’t use vintage dress patterns (on just about every one of my layouts lol) I can say I was horrified to mix alphas… something I think I may now be cured of lol. I still like to sit and stare at my paper and take 15 hours for a page to come together, but now I can see that I can incorporate a pipe cleaner here and there and not have to get out the valium afterward. LOL at myself. So here’s this week…

and I rightfully give all the credit in the world to the girls who can and who love to scrap in this style. It was hard for me lol

Found this site and can say it gives me hope that at least my photoshop disasters won’t end up at the axis of an international marketing campaign… enjoy
Photoshop Disasters

Anyway off to a scrapping retreat this weekend… whooooooo hooooooooooo!

See ya next week, thanks for the drop by!

Lib x




5 responses

20 06 2008

Your page is lovely. I can’t believe you got all that on a smaller page and it looks so right and not busy. Go you.

27 06 2008

Miss Libby


Kate 🙂

4 07 2008
Donna R

Hey Miss Libby

How you doing?? You could so handle another 2 babies LOL. My oldest just turned 6 and the little girls are 2.5. Love the layouts. I have done NOTHING for so very long but I still collect the things I KNOW I will need LMAO

We will catch-up one day soon

Donna 🙂

29 07 2008

hey she is back 🙂 fab to see you Lib 🙂

1 10 2008
Chris M

Is this really you Libby??!!! I can’t believe you’re back and bloglines didn’t tell me! 😦
So super to see your scrappin’ again and such superb by the looks of your layouts for this comp!
Welcome back mate!

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