When I said blogging daily…..

8 06 2008

I just found this stuff…

You know sorta dail-y… in the day-time, well today’s a day!

Anyway… So I’m working all this long weekend, and our neighbours (about a kilometre away) had a party last night God bless them and their 10 million watt stereo! The Singleton Army Barracks have a huge fireworks celebration (well they actually have a few – one is always on the girls birthday weekend – go figure?) over the Queens birthday long weekend… guess that willl stop when we’re a republic lol… so we have a great view of those fireworks… we start to hear the load cracks and we all run out side to ooooh and ahhhh over the prettyness… It goes on for about 15 minutes… like I said it’s huge. Claire said they were sooooo cooooooool!

So there’s not much to say really. The scrap journal is getting a battering with ideas… which is great! but I cant start week 2 for SYTYCS until Ive finished two baby presents for Heidi and Karen who are two of Claire and Charlottes teachers, leaving St Patricks Kindy to have their babies. I promised myself I need to have them done before the babies arrive lol. I will show the pressies here before I wrap them,

need to get going now… here’s a pic

oh and P.S. I’m just clucky and WANT more babies… I’ve no idea who with lol! My biological clock only just started ticking lol, but it’s got one hell of a loud tock! lol Who knows whats ahead. I’m only 36 so time will tell.