*clears throat* ehh eck hem… Is this thing on?

5 06 2008


It’s been 8 months since my last blog entry (crikey that’s almost long enough to gestate a whole human lol) (btw I am more clucky now than I have been in my life – I want another couple of babies and yes I probably am insane)… and to say that nothing has happened that might be worth blogging about… well um jeez… not entirely true, I’ve just been busy with… life n that???

Can a girl get away with such a sweeping statement? Let’s see shall we?

So I won’t bore you with every little detail… I’ve made handbags and scrapped a whole 3 layouts. Go me! Anyway hope to keep bloging daily from now on. Yep… who cares? lol … but I took a photog class last weekend with Janine Kaye and I realised that I’m missing out on documenting the stuff I know I’m going to forget… the little (but great) stuff of life… my life… our life. The class was brilliant! Thanks Janine and Sasha. Janine graciously lent me her fixed 50mm 1.4 lens for some shots and I have HAVE HAVE to have one. I was taking pics today inside the house and every one was blurry and as Im shooting pretty much all the time in AV mode the shutter speed is just too slow for my (big) 5.6 lens. I’m lay-bying a p&s at the moment though (just for the handbag you know)… so the $500 lens has to wait a bit… if I just stopped bloody spending on scrap stuff, I’d have the lens in no time lol. Had to have that stuff though… even if I haven’t used it lol

My workmates are at the Sex and the City movie tonight.. poop!… I will go tomorrow… then I will be kiddo free. I have entered the funnest comp (So you think you can scrap? (How cool is that title???)) at Scrapbooking By Design (SBBD) the deal was…

******This week you are scrapping with Meeks Style******
Meek likes to use penwork, to define, to outline, to doodle, to underline, to journal.
She loves to mix up those pattern papers in an eclectic fashion… No co-ordinating, complimentary shades here!!
Meeks most favourite ‘trendy’ thing at the moment is scallops!!
Her all time favourite embellishments are anything in the shape of stars or hearts and buttons or brads
She prefers to scrap 4×6 photos showing real everyday life as it happens, the more candid the better, and loves a bit of humour too!
Meek is drawn to happy, bright colours and stickers of the alphabet and cute variety!
Your page must show at least one example of EACH of the following:
handwritten journaling,
a mix of pattern paper,
stars or hearts,
buttons or brads,
4×6 photos showing candid everyday life shots
bright happy colour scheme

and here’s my go… was included in the points tally so I’m thrilled. Its a weekly comp and the scrapper with the most points wins… mind you 50 ladies have entered. I need this to get out of my no-scrappy-just-collecty-buy-more-stuff rut.


g’night… see you tomorrow

Lib x

p.s. nice to see you again… like the old joke

a polar bear walks into a bar and says…. “I’ll have a…………………………


and the barman says… “Why the large pause?’

The polar bear says..” Dunno, Ive always had them”