Can you give me Dr. Who’s Number?

6 10 2007

I believe he may be the only person able to help me to get the ‘scrap-supplies-from-another-planet’ under control… they seem to be taking over this room.. quickly multiplying and covering the valuable space known as my scraproom/bedroom. Oh well I had Mum buy me a doorknob lock last week on her trip to Bunnings, now I know when i get home from work that no one has made me a picture on the pretty paper on the desk, Chuck is a draw-er and Claire is a cutter… makes for one messed up room… more than once I’ve come home to texta on my bedsheets and in random places in the room and my favourite pp in tiny tiny pieces on the floor.

randoms for this week

* i won a double pass to go see David Campbell et al at Jazz In The Vines (Bloody clever = Me)

* as you will see from my comments (thanks Pauline! xxx) we had an awesome class last Wednesday.. Kaiser Craft Xmas tree album at Scrapkatz in Singleton… pictures to follow when I get the problems sorted out.

* work is getting busier and crazier.. the week isnt long enough any more

oddly and apparently some ?weirdo? sent a letter last month to our office and the letter read just these words…


What? is that about? That’s all the note had on it… My boss Salena was telling me about it today… sorry but that sort of stuff made us laugh and laugh and laugh, we had some HUGE laughs today, silly crazy hysterical laughing… red headed men Arias… I know it makes no sense but I dont want to forget that mad stuff. I have a function @ the Singleton library to help organise in the next two weeks… looking forward nervously to that.

I had to send my old Kia Mentor to heaven last week… found my engagement ring in the console while clearing all my stuff out. That car was a nightmare, but sometimes you spend so much time and money on something well, it becomes a big (annoying) part of you life. I will miss the big lemon! So long my unfaithful friend.

Speaking of unfaithfull, I somehow picked up a computer virus last month, lost most of my photos (have since recovered some of them) but now I cant seem to get any photos off my camera. So sorry for the boring text post… will try to have the issewes (Kath Day-Knight) rectified soon.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off fabric shopping tomorrow for bag material as I’m booked into a class next Friday with Monica Poole (bag pattern maker) Hopefully I can finish the bag and show anyone who might be interested. Cannot possibly be the new scrapping though… not with all the stuff I’ve recently bought from Memory Villa and A Million Little Things… went WAY overboard with Heidi Swapp stuff… had to have the Damask stamp though…Oh and not going to Kiwi scraps this time … kept umming and ahhhing and figured that it was a sign to give up on the idea. Nevermind… I had a great time at the last one… will have to do me for a while… anyway… toodles!

Lib xxxxx