If at first you don’t suck seed…

30 08 2007

***Edited to add*** I had small problems with image sizes last night.. way too tired to fix them then so I drafted this post… hopefully it’s now more readable… sorry about the mystery post!

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Yes well I guess it has been a while… ago

The last comments were so long ago that WordPress no longer deems them fit for calender-specific classification.


Speaking of humpfs… we’re (the whole 5 of us… who by the way are now referred to as my family.. Mum & Dad and the girls and me) going to see the Effin-ahs at the circus…. and by that my best beloved, I mean the elephants. This Saturday! Cannot wait. We are a very odd family but Mum and Dad have big plans for us to stay living with them for a while… I have big plans to go to work tomorrow… that’s, I’m afraid, how far I can think ahead at this stage of my life… and while on the plans thing, I have no room for trying to find a Mr Right at present, (disappointing) and though I’d love for a perfect stranger to appear in my life (damn you Erica Glover lol NOT jealous AT ALL! LOL) I cannot realistically see any gentleman settling for the 2 minute window I have during the day spare. *Included in this 2 minute window is time allowed for telephone calls to said gentlemen, blogging, miscellaneous hair adjustments/colour, ear candling, changing the oil in the car and intimate relations.

So very much has happened since pimping my stroller… the girls turned the big 1095 days! Rona bought a new camera (canon too)… Ive been on hilarious adventures “She didn’t buy much!” Had my picture taken with the incandesent Tonia Todman… been amazed at my friends and their acheivements, been secretly rolling ones eyes at BPS and the YTR. Not been able to hang out with Megan as much, scrapped a little, laughed probably too much and mostly at inappropiate moments… for example when a young man came up to the visitor centre counter and asked ever so politely… where the local brothel was… I did not handle that with the grace God gave me… I think the young man believes I may have a few loose in the top paddock… I tried to keep it together… honestly your honour lol. Did you all know that there’s a new Canon out now???



The 40D. It’s such a better upgrade for my 350 than the 400D is… looking into it! Oh happy day!

Mel Nunn (Don’t think I’ve ever met her) has been selected as part of the American Crafts DT… I will just say THICKERS! I bet she’s happy! I would be very happy!

Thinking of Tracy and her toothy pegs. She’s started a Scrap The Pets site. Furbaby’s here’s your chance to shine!

Laughing uproariously at the thoroughbred industry… the jokes going around about Equine Influenza have started aleady… no one laughs in the face of bankrupcy like an Aussie. So very glad to be out of that industry. I spent 13 years mastering equine vet nursing to leave after having the girls. Not the place I’d like to be at the moment. Interesting to be standing on the outside looking in. I just hope to see transport trucks back on the highway soon. Still the big guys will find a way to make money out of the virus. I can see my former bosses buying shares in CSL (vaccine company) now.


Anyone we know? LOL

A sneaky peek at the Paper Fantastic kit pages by my own self… I couldnt stop once I started… 4 layouts later… Miss Karen sure knows how to inspire a girl!


See the eclipse…? Am I wrong to say.. yeah I saw it… and it wasn’t spectacular. I think I’d built it up too much in my mind. What was I expecting? Fireworks? Sparkling moonbeams flying through the sky?


The birthday pressie, already worn into the ground…. according to Claire, “the BEST playground in the world”.


and I will leave you with the wonky birthday cake, made by me (as if you couldnt tell) If you see the latest Wedding Cakes book at the newsagents, buy it! Awesome inspiration… lol if you like the wedding cake look I guess. This cake was from the Womans Weekly childrens party cakes book. The original looks N.O.T.H.I.N.G. like this lol.

Poor Owen Wilson, 😦

Cheers and thanks for persevering with me, I love you for your faith in me… Congratulations to all the girls who got the top 100 SM Masters call… now we just have to wait until December lol … I’ve got to say it’s been a fabulous opportunity and a great year being a SM Master… it’s nearly over for me and I’m sad to think about it. Very excited for all the local girls though. This time last year the what if’s started for me… What if I win??? It was unfathomable…. Good luck!

Lib x