Pimp My Stroller!

19 07 2007

I thought this was too funny…

Working on stuff for SM and PF… working HARD!

enjoy… check out the dummy holder on the front and the spinning mags…

I aint gonna lie to you.. I’m jealous…


Lib x


The Prestige!

15 07 2007

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, now for your viewing pleasure I have something that will astound, amaze and possibly even delight you…

and Viola!

I give you………..

(*extraordinarily long drum roll*)


Paper Fantastic

Miss Karen has put together an amazing place where you can buy scrapping goodies (as well as monthly kits – the latest, greatest and co-ordinated), host parties, join online classes, and be inspired by an eclectic group of obsessed scrapbookers. Now here’s where I come in…

I am lucky enough to have a position on the Design Team at Paper Fantastic.

Can you squeal DELIGHTED?!!!

As my run as a Scrapbooking Memories Master comes to an end, I will be a Paper-Head. How lucky can you get? I will be glueing and cutting and photographing alongside the stampalicious Lusi Austin, Rebecca Macklin the Administrative Director for Paper Fantastic (who, when she’s not scrapping up a storm is Karen’s business partner), Belinda Venables another one of us whose ‘hobby’ has taken over their life, and of course Miss Karen an inspiring woman following her dreams.

But wait there’s more…..

Wanna join us?

Head over to Paper Fantastic and apply for the last available place on the Paper Fantastic Deisgn Team, and you too can run around you scrap space leaping and shouting YAR-HOO!

Just click here to see the competition and enter

and finally, just to finish this shameless plug, I just want to say Thank You Karen for the opportunity and I really look forward to the fun of working with you and the rest of the girls.

Lib x

What are you making?

14 07 2007

Do you want to know a secret?
Do you promise not to tell? whoa oh, oh.

Let me whisper in your ear,
Say the words you long to hear,


Libby Lou – The Bush Kangaroo!

7 07 2007

Hello there!
I’ve finally had something named after me… A baby girl kangaroo! I saved a Joey last week on the way home from work, It’s Mummy had been run over and ‘Libby’ was peeking out of the pouch. So 50klm and two excited little girls later (Charlotte nearly poked it’s eyes out patting it ‘goodnight’) I handed ‘Libby Lou the Bush Kangaroo’ over to Wildlife Aid and as she is 7 months old, Libby will be fine. 1 2 3 Ohhhhhhh!

Now! Photo class finished, yay! and here is my end of class masterpiece, I put the camera on a borrowed tripod, set the exposure for…. a bloody long time and got a somewhat imperfect but truely magnificent photo (according to me! lol) So I give you….

Singleton Nightlife!!!


Miss Megan and I started the class to improve our skills, Miss Megan is already a fabulous photographer and we found it hilarious to be standing OUTSIDE a pub in the freezing cold taking pictures of the car headlights as they passed. Im sure the local army lads thought Paris Hilton was going to show up… 5 cameras all pointing at the pub… come on… that’s gotta be something big for Singleton.

So I taught at Scrapkatz on Wednesday night, another crazy class, mad bound mini book inside a ‘trendy tins’ from KI, of all the days Dad needed Mum to bind something for his work. I had to rush home after work and get the binding machine ‘casue Mum had been using it. (Well it is hers I suppose) The class went well, I think. Hiya Miss Rona and Miss Pauline (*waving*) I know you read now, thanks for the comments. Miss Rona remind me to send you the bloglines link! Then the blogs only appear when something is new. [A HUGE TIMESAVER!!!]

Um oh yeah!!! You need to see this chicks blog, heaps of new CHA links and sneaky peeks

Click here http://www.catsies.web-log.nl/

If you scroll down and see the secret keeper cards from Urban Lily, which I am very much loving, and when they are released, IF I DON”T GET ANY!!!! there will be thunderous dark days.

(*Rubbing my hands together* Thanks to the Scraploot sale I ordered $80 worth of Wild Asparagus (My fav) paper and paid a measley $30 for it…. HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!!! I should really stop with the purchases now for a while…. no really I should! {Moving right along… hoping no one is taking notes LOL!}

Been buying more crazy crap on ebay, I’m also going a little crazy for Rachel Greig’s new Stamp-It stamps... I keep some tissues handy at the letter box for my drool LOL! If you happen to notice, you can order retail through the Stamp-It wesite, quite handy really! Also they are peddling ‘cling film’ which is like vinyl stickers, I’m definately going to have to see how that works.

There is a birthday coming up soon… One special gorgeous girl, Miss O might just be having a celebration to mark her 7th birthday!

and these two pumpkin-heads turn 3 on the 28th July! I could live and work a thousand lifetimes and still never begin to pay them back for all the incredible joy they have brought into my life. (Remind me I said this next week LOL… two words; toilet… training LOL)


Just wanted to say Hi to Kirst, take care of yourself in the countdown!

Jody, I’m getting to the tag… eventually!

Donna … I am going to email you… you have two sets of twins… how do you get time to use the net LOL?

Mrs Hall… love the new kit… I expect that’s all you’ll be doing for a while… kitting! LOL!

Karen.. you have me intriged??? What is going on?

Nic Finno… hey, loving the poke-ball (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) and all the fabric stuff going on!

and Hi Jane and Lissy, thanks for the comments about Nana George… funny isnt it? The way life shows you a way…

Anyway that’s probably enough rot from me for tonight… Happy weekend everybody, I, of course will be working, but dont let that stop you from enjoying yourself ROTFL

Lib x