Like Pink… I’m not dead!

28 05 2007

Well I’m starting this entry on Sunday night 27th May but I ‘intend’ to keep it open until I’m finished.

To save you the hassle, dot point seems good.

*Life is perfect, girls are great! I’m still fat but trying to work out a way to lose weight/exercise that I can stick to. Now on to the important bits..
* OK, Kiwi Scraps… no projects to show, never will be! I loved the classes and went to all of Tia’s… but once I got home, I took all the bits from the kits that I liked, added them to my stash, and binned the rest, I learned heaps but just couldn’t seem to get enthused to finish the class projects once I got it all home. (Mind you, on my blog hops I haven’t seen a lot of the projects finished by anyone else either hmmm)
Tia did yak on an awful lot and she warned us we wouldn’t finish any of the projects in class, but there’s a point when you say in your head “yeah lady I get your concept, I get it, I GET IT!” so from Tia there was lots and lots of chatter about how the stuff in the background of the photo can help you to remember long forgotten, interesting bits about the life you were experiencing when the photo was taken. Which was fine, but after the first hour of sitting through a power point where we learnt nothing technical or scrapbooky, just how her life was when that particular photo was taken (times 10). Made for a long 2 hours. This was my feeling, my opinion. I am eternally greatful for the techniques I learnt. I missed seeing Reg and Carol, bummed about that but I haven’t emailed them either so ‘hello’ if you two are reading.

anyway, I think Kiwi Scraps was well run, fun and thanks to Tia I did manage to pick up another awesome hobby… NEEDLE FELTING!!! As soon as my hands touched that little skinny barbed needle I knew it was the start of something big… I mean anything that allows me to attach one piece of material to another without breaking out the old sewing machine has me in raptures. Mind you our local Janome shop has a needle felting machine for sale for $400, I settled for the Spotlight Special and bought the gear Tia suggested… and I have been in love ever since… too clever!



So now I think I can call myself a fully fledged ‘crafter’ Next I think I will open an ‘etsy’ store. Ask Megan if you don’t know what an etsy store is ROTFL!!!

With my felted handbags and felted goodies… I think I will develop this idea and retire LOL!

Back to Kiwi Scraps, Top Sheilas I saw there included (name dropping ahead!!!) Tracy Wyldman, Jody Dent-Pruks, Jen Hall, Fiona Leehane, Belinda Howlett, Vivian Bonder, Kim Archer and I got to sit next to Emily Falconbridge’s Mum for all of my classes, what a delightful lady she is!

* Now for those of you who even care.. about Mrs Positive… most of you know that I was she and she was me… that blog was started to fill a gap, it served it’s purpose and now I have laid it to rest, so as far as I know (unless someone wants to take her over), Mrs P will be no more. Basically I ran out of time and the whole idea was kind of like the Aussie Pub Calls blog, but Michelle has developed a MUCH better and MUCH more productive and exciting site… three cheers for Michelle Perry Hip Hip Hooray I love Aussie Pub Calls!

* I am now a bureaucrat. I am working full time for Singleton Council as a Tourism Officer in the Singleton Visitor Information Centre. Now 12 months ago I was living in Muswellbrook, and not looking forward to the 200km drive to work every day. I was working here from mid July on the 9pm till 6am foaling roster. Its not bad pay, but the long, cold, sometimes wet, stinky, slimey, dirty, muddy and tired thing wrecked me, my car and my chance to spend any time with my girls and my family. Now, what a change, instead of cursing when its windy or rainy and muddy, I just look out the window and smile. I was born to do this new job, I yak all day and tell people where to go… PERFECT! After 13 years as an equine specialist vet nurse it’s goodbye, so long, farewell, via condios to working with stupid thoroughbreds!!!!!!!!! Hoo freaken ray!!!!!!!

from this…img_1212.jpg

to this…
well that’s one of the tasks I have, updating the website, what a cool job?

Now I know there’s more to tell but it’s now 10 to 11 and I think you may have fallen asleep. So happy Monday for all of you…

I hope to be back bloggin more often again now. With layouts! LOL!

and Oh if you live in the Singleton area I’m organising a bus trip to Sydney to the 4 big scrap shops on the 9th of June, two weeks from yesterday, that’s the Saturday of the long weekend. Come along if you can… I’m not driving the bus, praise be LOL! but I promise you a really great day! Leave a comment if you want to go!

Thanks for taking the time to read and not losing faith I would ever blog again.

Warmest regards,

The Happiest Girl In The Whole World! xxx