Freestyle Downunder

28 03 2007

No appologies… I’m a busy girl… get over it. LOL!

anyway on to some free stuff… freestyle

Nic Howard is running a blog competition to win a Freestyle Downunder Kiwi Scraps class… all you have to do is post a comment. How easy is that? I’m heading down to Sydney for the Saturday and not staying, but I’m doing classes ALL day, got exactly the classes I wanted so I’m a happy, happy girl. Got the Saturday off from work too. Hooray for people being flexible!


There’s a new Aussie Pub Calls blog… very needed, very cool! and Michelle is a top chick, so go there and join in some great fun.

Now it’s not hard to believe but Chris Millar is into the TOP 10 of MM Idol… that’s a very big deal!

that’s all for now

Lib x


Whoo hooo!

7 03 2007

Chris Millar
Stephanie Lim


Kylie Bailey…

are in the Top 30 of MMIDOL!

The rest of us Aussie girls can sob a little for ourselves and then get behind our Aussie Idols.

Lib x

MMIDOL… I didnt make the cut :-(

7 03 2007

Oh well, next year. I truely hope Kylie or Chris got through… we need aussies to vote for! It’s a great competition and good luck to all the girls who made it into the Top 30.

Now about that baby I told you about..

Bella Grace Reardon was born at 11.18am 3/3/07 weighing 6lb 13oz and 44cm long. Cute blonde hair and a great set of lungs lol!

I need to crack open PS to show you some photos and I will do that later tonight… thought I’d update you on IDOL first.

Please vote again… MM IDOL

6 03 2007

As you might know MM IDOL had some problems last week… well the day is here again to re-cast your vote… if you would be so kind.

The link is here
and it will explain where to go from there..

Wish me luck pet!

Off to work now… have a brilliant day, especially you Janine Kaye! Happy Birthday

Lib x