Update to email address!

27 02 2007

Well I have come to the realisation that since moving my email address is no longer working… Well I get all my emails, but none that I have sent have gone out… phooey! So Sorry to all of you who are expecting an email from me. They are here in my sent box, just not sent. Anyway, so to make a long story even longer, Called Telstra and they cannot help me because we run wireless here need a broadband line to keep my email address going. So here is my new address, I hope this doesnt inconvenience anyone.. and doesnt it sit well with me now Im in MM IDOL NOT!!! Fingers crossed. Thanks for your patience, oh and here’s the address

lib_morris at yahoo dot com dot au.

Thankyou everyone, if you could change it from the bigpond address. Ta

Lib x


Monday, Monday la la la la la So good to me la la la la la

26 02 2007

Started work at the Singleton Visitor Information Centre today, henceforth known as the V.I.C. and by golly golly goody gum drops it was fantastic. My boss Ann Cameron is a gorgeous woman and I think I’m going to have heaps of fun. Saw Megan today and it was great to see her. I’ve got to say I was not AT ALL embarrassed by her turning up on my first day at work with a gorgeous bunch of flowers from the Stephensons to wish me good luck. That chick has sunshine and lollypops oozing from every orifice. God I love her! She was flat out busy and still took time out to bring me the flowers personally. She is beautiful… even if her eyes are small and not at all like her daughters. Check her blog out to see how stupid some Singletonians can be.

Now here is my next entry for MM IDOL… Cant see anywhere where it says not to post layouts so if anyone knows differently please tell me. This is a bit way out there but its very much me. I thought later that maybe it might offend some people… if so well there it is. Not sure if I will make it into the next round with a VERY untraditional type of layout, inspired by Alannah Hill, but it’s all me. As it was supposed to be All About Me…


Journalling (which I’m not actually sure you are going to be able to read on the site… Oh well)

“The simple truth is… I would love to wear shiny silver false eyelashes to work every day and if I could wear really big outrageous wigs… that would be great too. I would go shopping in ball gowns and wear a Tiara ever day. I want to have really long red fingernails and say ‘fabulous’ a lot. I love to gossip and giggle with my girlfriends, drink cocktails, laugh heartily, and cry beautifully, all without ruining my red lipstick.

Let’s face it… I should have been a DRAG QUEEN.”

If you would like to vote for this layout and keep me in the competition please go here http://www.makingmemories.com/consumer/signup.cfm and if you’d like to just vote for someone else.. well do that. I’m sure the competition will sort it self out and at the end we will all sit back and say… ohhhhh yeahhhh I see why they won. Be amazing to be ‘the IDOL’ but it would be just as amazing for it to at least be an Aussie.

So here it is that I leave you… back to work tomorrow. Mum and the ladies had a ball today and they were so very good for her. Of course when I came home they turned into Loud & Louder. That’s kids… which reminds me.. Jackie’s Mum is here from woop woop and Jack’s due in two days, her BP is through the roof so it looks like it’s gonna be this week.. I get to meet Bella Grace, the much heralded and already adored bundle of pinkness and joy.

Thanks in advance for your MMIDOL votes, should you accept this mission LOL! I hope you all have beautiful dreams with the fairies… (Mum Dad & I say this every night to the girls before bed)


Making Memories Idol

21 02 2007

Well here are my entries for MM IDOL… Im in the Top 50. I’m bloody excited about it!

So many ideas running through the old grey matter…

Next layout is an ‘All About Me’… and to fit that on one layout… I’m complex, dont they know? LOL!




The centre layout is a Rachel Greig photo from the two year old birthday photo shoot.

Other news… girls are great… settling well into life here… My Dad “their GABOO” plays blocks with them every afternoon or swims with them, that can only be a great thing!

I’ve got a part time job to start sometime next week at the Singleton Visitor Information Centre, ever driving through drop in and say G’day?

Must get going now, just a quick check in for those new MMIdol peekers. Hello all! Daily updates from now on I promise.. she says crossing her fingers behind her back.. after all if you want people to vote for you you have to give them something to see yeah?

Lib xxx