Three little pigs, one made his house from straw.

28 01 2007

Good lord I’m stuffed. Had a massive garage sale yesterday and the whole population of Muswellbrook turned out to rifle through my junk… and you know not one of them remembered to put their teeth in… hmmm. Got up at 5am to pack everything on to the front lawn. Yokels started turning up at 6.45, it said in the paper 8am…. anyway I had sold everything except the REAL junk by 10am, put the ABSOLUTE rubbish on the side of the road in front of the house and it too was gone by 1pm. My great great grannie had a saying… “There’s nothing as queer as folk” and I think that about sums up my saturday.

I’m moving in to Mum & Dads at Singleton next weekend. Mainly because the ladies have become a little too much for me to handle on my own, and I need help to be able to work full time. It was putting too much strain on my relationship with the girls, I was in danger of turning into Loopy Libby… ok so ‘even more’ Loopy Libby. We will see how it goes… stay tuned.


After an afternoon spent frolicking about in the town pool, Jackie, the ladies and I went for a drive last weekend, just to check out all the new homes going up in Scone. Well I was so surprised to come across this little ripper. A straw house. which is going to be self sufficient power-wise looking at the MASSIVE solar panel out the front. The home has an incredible view over ‘Cliftlands’, really very impressive. Cannot wait to see it finished.

Now dont faint, I scrapped.


The journalling reads:

“Hey monkey,

I do owe you. I owe your natural sense of curiosity. You make me realise the wonder of life around us.

Some days, the best thing you can do with your time, is sit and poke the dirt with a stick. NEVER STOP POKING MONKEY xxx

(with special thanks to Curious George who made poking stuff… cute)”

I gave the ladies a magnetic photo frame for some cute pics, and got one or two usable ones.


Thanks for dropping by, if you wanna link this blog go ahead, if you would like me to link you just leave a comment and I will link you in the blog roll. If you would like to just say G’day … then that’s cool too.

Hope everyone had a great Australia Day Long Weekend!

much love this Sunday afternoon (not too hot today, actually a gorgeous day!)

Lib x


As requested…

27 01 2007

Thanks for the Tag Rachie…

here’s the spider thingy…

you must watch… though dont take a drink while you watch, a little bit of drink might come shooting out your nose.

Its funneeee!

The Wood Spider

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Spider Webs

Lib x

Answers to a tag of which might just bore you stupid!

27 01 2007

A – Available/Single? Most definitely single! I haven’t been unavailable for 3 years. Count them 1…2…3
B – Best Friend? Too many… but I have a new one too… 😉 In a way and we drive each other mad with infuriation at times, but I have to say my Mumma.
C – Cake or Pie? Come on…. Both – Pie CHERRY! Cake BLACK FORREST! (See a cherry theme?)
D – Drink Of Choice? Exquisitely delicious French champagne… love Veuve Clicquot
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? My humour!
F – Favorite Color? Magenta pink! You didn’t need a crystal ball for that one I bet!
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Neither, not a gummy lolly person.
H – Home or Homesick? I am sick of this home, we are moving next weekend.
I – Indulgence? See D & probably shopping.
J – January Or February? Neither, I hate summer. Thinking of moving to Armidale NSW. It snows there.
K – Kids & Their Names? 1 beautiful dancing princess Claire & her twin sister ever-clever engineer Charlotte. Who are preparing as I write,… to take over the world.
L – Life Is Incomplete Without? Something … anything to get really excited about & laughter.
M – Marriage date? Yes please! To be advised.
N – Number Of Siblings? I have one half sister Emily, whom I hope to meet this year.
O – Oranges Or Apples? Both – Navels & Sundowners, but prefer cherries LOL!.
P – Phobias/Fears? Meeces. I hate Mickey and his filthy mates.
Q – Favorite Quote: CHACUN A SON GOUT (Google it)
R – Real Hair Color? Magenta.
S – Season? A Hazy shade of Winter.
T – Tag 3 or 4 people? I would have said Michelle Perry but she’s not blogging anymore. (EDIT- Shes back, now you have to do the tag, if you havnt already Michelle). So then as Dutchy has been tagged, how about Mrs Hall, Mel Diener, Chris Millar, & Jason Millar.
U – Unknown Fact About Me? I cannot stand those shoes that men (and some women) wear, which have Velcro straps on them but kind of look like a thong, I think they are baseless and needless. We had the thong already and we have perfectly attractive shoes like boat shoes, but no some drongo had to go and invent the most unattractive and ugly (used on purpose to emphasise the idiocy… one word to describe the lunacy is NOT enough) stupid shoes and I have always had a huuuuge problem with them. However I would marry a pair of crocs. Which are much more like the clever CLOG, invented by very clever (however stubborn (LIS T) people.
V – Vegetable you don’t like? Brussel Sprounts. I second that… they make me gag. Couldn’t even eat them smothered in cherries.
W – Worst Habit? Day dreaming about winning the Grand National on The Pie.
X – X-rays You’ve Had? I’m a vet nurse, so think like photocopying your boobs/butt for fun at work. We have access to xray machines tee hee. We also have to wear radiation tags too so we can tell if we’ve overdone the ray exposure. I hurt my thumb…. xray it…. I bumped my leg…. xray it…. can you see a pattern? Tell no one you read this.
Y – Your Favorite Food? Hot stuff, curries, Mexican, hot spicy Italian… oh damnit now we are back onto men again LOL! Oh and the ever popular CHOCOLATE!
Z – Zodiac Sign? Aries.. the ram…same as Rozzie, what’s over that hill? Come on everyone lets go…. Ok now what’s over that hill? Come on everyone let’s go! What’s………….. you get the idea!


Lib x

Random mess…

6 01 2007

Isnt it amazing where you end up while it’s hot outside and you are tootling about on the net…?

It fascinates me to find that groups of animals are called strange things…

you may move on to the next blog if this doesn’t float your boat LOL!

An OBSTINACY of buffalo (anything that big can probably be as obstinate as it likes)
A SOUNDER of boar
A FLOCK of camel
A RABBLE of butterfly (Catterpillars are an army)
A COALITION of cheetahs
A MURDER of crows/raven (No wonder they were always in Hitchcock movies)
A BUSINESS of ferrets
A KNOT of frogs
A BLOAT (teehee) of Hippopotamus
A SMACK of jellyfish
A FLUSH/SORD of Mallard (Duck)
A RICHNESS of Martin (Bird)
A SHIVER of sharks

and the one I vote is best


I started looking for owl info… I google everything… It started because my girls have large eyes and that made me think of owls… just showing you the thought process… moving right along

We went to Jackies this morning and ran about at Tony’s work.. at Yarraman Vineyard Wines here in the Hunter. So while Jack and I looked through a house they are moving in to, the ladies live-wired about the vineyard. Not a bad way to spend a day, needless to say they are knackered and after coming home, taking a bath, they are snoozing.

I cleared my camera’s memory card today, and backed up the card to the computer and a CD, well 2 CD’s. It feels like a new camera again LOL! Its very scary pressing that delete all button… so many possiblities in all those pics.

Photoshop CS and me are finally getting along well now. It understands I’m a computer dunce and I understand that it has the capacity to take over the world… after all it has broadband access and a lot of free time. So it is with a great deal of respect that I ‘play’ (do serious fannying about) with PS.

Now this blog entry, for all of you ‘partnered’ gals, is a perfect example of what happens when an active (?) mind has no one to talk general knowledge (read ‘absolute twaddle’) with. Damian, (the girls father and my ex) was/is great to discuss ?deep? general knowledge (twaddle) with, he reads anything and is a fountain of trivia. He won me when he named heaps of the stellar constellations. Looking back, he just might have been calling them anything, I mean how would I know if he was right? And well, while we lay on the grass one night looking up at the stars, I fell. I thoroughly recommend a bit of night time star gazing to spice things up a bit, you never know where constellation conversations will lead you…….

I too, in some circles am known as SHOWBAGS! Basically, cos I can be expensive for what you get, but I’m fun and full of trivial crap… So what I’m saying is that you all might have had these conversations with the man of the house, and not having a resident fella gives you, the dear reader, these rather odd blog entries… no I haven’t had a drink… I just miss the ability to say stuff like ‘wow did you know……………………….?

Lib x


Why do I scrapbook?

4 01 2007

… because I absolutely adore it!

I take my own sweet time to create each layout, ’cause for me it is totally all about pushing till I’m happy. By golly does it make me happy? YES! I get the giddy, excited, squealy, shuddery, (and all without batteries tee hee) lovely feeling when I look at something I’ve finished and realise I LOVE IT! Soooooooooo.. it takes me 4 days to finish a layout… thats me. Just as its Jen’s ability to create a gorgeous layout in 2 hours… that’s just her.

I’m just wanting to say that it’s fine… it really is ok if you only produce 4 layouts a year, yet you have 753 sheets of patterned paper and 4.9 million unscrapped photos…

I am in love with some of my patterned paper… I know for a fact that some of it will never be touched by a pair of scissors.. it will sit in my stash to be fondled over and over during the duration of time that I continue to scrapbook.

I have just finished a ‘thing’ which had a deadline… that’s cool, that is! Do you know I threw out about 4 layouts that didnt ‘work’… personally I dont mind telling you that’s what I do. If I dont like it… it goes in the bin and I move on… just wanted you to know that I do it and as yet, no one has rapped me over the knuckles with a silent setter.

Maybe, I hear you say.. if you loved to scrapbook so much you would USE that PP… I think you think too much about what I think! but I love new stuff, I love to have stuff and I hate coming to a packet of chippy letters and finding I dont have a ‘g’… I dont really like to mix fonts… what is that about me?… I only seem to grab from the same range… I need font counselling…

I love reading new mags, and I’ve said it before.. I would miss a meal so I can get the new mag. I need to see new stuff… well I know you all know all this because that’s what we all love…


Other news… Cathy Z is back blogging… happy days!

blah blah blah happy new whatsit

anyway I have other stuff to say but I need to get another load in the wee washing beastie.. by the way Radiant has a new front loader powder… guess who got suckered into buying it…. it’s a new SOAP people!!!! Told you I’m a sucker for new… which is why I can relate to Donna Downey… but I reckon Im not the only one… she does rock it like a rock star!

Lib x