28 12 2006

Just some of the joy this Christmas… cant wait to scrap these. Can you say spoilt?


take care,

hope everyone has a great new year. This year I’m off to a Kareoke night… woo hoo! Look out Celine Dion! LOL!


See you in 2007


Merry Christmas I hope you have fun!

24 12 2006


Another goal bites the dust!

9 12 2006

Well the announcement has been made… we can stop holding our breath…

I am a Scrapbooking Memories Master 2006.

Somebody pinch me! I can’t tell you what a thrill it is and I would really like to thank a few people publically.

My Mum who supports me and who I never thought I would share the crafty bug with.

My Aunt Nang, who got me into scrapbooking all those years ago (1999).

Regina, generous, beautiful and so very supportive. A bit funny too.

Leanne at Stamp N Scrap where else would I go to buy 20 sheets of the same piece of patterned paper?

Megan Stephenson I’m so glad you have moved east. Madness and giggles and a bad bad influence. Don’t let her mild mannered exterior fool you, inside, there beats the heart of a lion. Here’s to a few more long lunches without the kids, but perhaps no more piercings hey? LOL!

Rachie you always believed! Thanks for all of that. Doth say hello to Robbie for thee LOL!

Jen Hall what can I say? Fellow, much deserved Master, the queen of fabric & colour. Didn’t I say that ages ago? You too believed in me and told me (and anyone else who would listen LOL) that I would be a Master this year. (No pressure! LOL!) Well you were right. Thanks for everything Mrs Hall, for inviting me and my girls into your home and making us feel like family. If it wasn’t for you, I may not have been pushed to do my best. You’ve taught me to be happy with what I created and that it is always good enough.

Nicole Finlayson from a long way away, you are such a great friend. Spectacular scrapbooker and blog author extraordinaire. Never forget you are perfect just the way you are.

There are a few more who sent notes and emails of encouragement, Chris Millar, Karen Ridgeway, Kirst De Forrest (I will email you back before it’s 2007 LOL), Kelly Cavenett from Scrap Needs, Marion Werren (another Master), Sheree McGee (another Master), Mishell Lancett, Roz James and Rachel Greig (who took my photo for the mag).

and lastly my beautiful chookies Claire & Chuck, who put up with tired Mumma in the mornings before the deadling was due.

Congratulations to all the Masters, and all the Honourable Mentions, such a strong competition (just my humble opinion… but I cant understand why Michelle Grant isn’t a Master, that woman is so fabulously talented.) Huge congratulations have to go to Jody Essenhigh, of all the prizes this year, that Epson R1800 printer for journalling has got to be the best. I have one on layby, it’s taking me ages to pay off. Jody will have fun with it I’m sure.

I also want to add a big thank you to all the outgoing Masters for 2005. Mighty mighty big shoes to fill. I still go back through the Masters mag from last year for inspiration. It’s hard for me to fathom that I’ve won a MASTERS! title when I think back to previous winners, most of whom I’ve idolised for their scrapbooking.

I hope to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. I love this industry! I love scrapbooking!

Libby x

Here I am!

9 12 2006

Well blogger lied when they said it would be better with beta. I was not impressed at all. SO here I am and frankly so far, wordpress is awesome. Thank you for following me here and if you would like to link, you dont have to ask, just freely link away.

Libby Morris x

Hello world!

8 12 2006

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