hmmm it seems I have forgotten something!

15 07 2010

Yes well… whoops!

I have a new blog…. actually had it for a while. Completely forgot to post a link to the new blog from here.

So here it is…

See you there!

Lib x



5 11 2009

Well Im almost packed for us.

This weekend is huge. It starts tomorrow with the ladies’ first orientation day at St Catherines… my “Alma Mater” lol So it’s goodbye Kindy – hello Big School! Then I will be saying a wee bydee to my cherubs and heading here…………


for the @Home/Away retreat. Whooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!

See you on the other side!

Lib x

I subscribe to the ‘snag it’ style of photography…

25 10 2009

I just go out and take 500 photos… then I come home and edit… edit… edit! That way at the end of the day I might end up with this –


or this –


or when I yell ‘Rockstar’ I get this…


and this is just for fun.


It’s 10.30 and I need a coffee and a strip or two of sewing before bed. ‘Tas been a VERY productive weekend.


Lib x

So how long does it take to hollow out a large pumpkin?

24 10 2009

and then what on God’s green earth gives you the brilliant idea that you should pop your insane self in said pumpkin for a paddle down yon nearby creek?




hmmmmm back soon.

iScrapz (lol)

11 10 2009

Here’s a page for the Nook & Pantry Comp!

You had to use 2 photos…


Recycled lettering…


and something from the kitchen…


I made flowers from baking paper/foil/cupcake papers. I love this page! 12×12 when I’ve been 8.5x11ing for a while. I am no Nic Howard on the 12×12 but Im happy with it just the same.

Cheers & thanks for looking,

Lib xxx

The Sweet Success! Silje’s Bubble Tea

11 10 2009

Oh the ecstasy… The triumph! Ever since I first saw ‘Bubble Tea’ on Elsie’s blog, I have been fascinated by the what? how? & why? of Bubble Tea, and so for the past year (obviously not solidly… just when I remembered lol) I have been conducting some research into how I could experience this uber-cool Japanese drink. The ever-crafty Silje made some not so long ago and I left a comment on her blog asking how she makes it. ( Silje’s blog – she is lovely and a crafting machine – super clever!) Well Silje left me a sweet note with really thorough instructions and now Robert is my Mother’s brother. (yeah… Bob’s your Uncle ;-))



It is a bit ‘kitchen wreckingly’ fiddly to make and probably not a drink I would make often, but the chewy ‘spheres’ are such a mouth sensation. I wish they came in sherbet flavour! I know what the fuss is now. I am satisfied that another of my ‘to do’ list has been accomplished and my holidays have not been so much of a waste as far as the list goes. I have achieved heaps and had so much fun with friends and family. I could get used to not going to work lol.


This gorgeous little square tablecloth is a bargain buy from Vinnies’ They have opened a new op shop store here in Singleton and I wandered in and picked up a heap of pillowcases (to make little shift dresses for the ladies) anyway the tablecloth is just an embroidered jobby just like everyone’s Nana has, but it’s now something I love it to plonk stuff on.


I have layouts to share… tomorrow! Need daylight to photograph them. Rona and I are not-so patiently waiting for the Jacaranda trees around town (there are hundreds of them) to burst into purple bloomingness. I was pretty confident they always bloom in September… a few have had a hint of colour, not enough to get great photos though. We just want to take photos of them, hopefully with the kids co-operating.

OK off to bed now… night all! Lib x

p.s. I used McClelland colourisations actions on the pics.

A card…

8 10 2009

I tried making a card for the galleryz. Had to make a travel card and here it is ta da…


Hmmm yeah it’s not great… and I will be doing the four chalenges this week. I really was proud just doing one last week.

thanks for the visit!